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Total front and rear: (40) custom (w) 500 watt fixtures. 


Also available are (32) par 64 cans (w) 1000 watts, (44) par 56 (w) 500 watt.   (Maybe used as required).   


Intelligent Lighting/movable lights: 

6 movable light fixtures that produce a variety of special lighting effects.  DMX controlled.

6 LED 3' bar light fixtures  DMX controlled.                                                                                                                                                                              


Lighting consoles: (3) NSI 1616    

Programmable boards.

(1) NSI  dmx  programmable lighting board. 

(1) 1000 watt follow spot.

(3) Genie High Tower lifts.

(40') of Trussing.

(2) 2000 lbs chain motors for flying 

lighting rig inside building complex.


Two way Drum box with 2 - 15 speakers and horn


STAGE MONITORS: (11x) Yamaha 2115 II wedge cabs 


STAGE MONITORS: (6x) Yorkville wedge cabs


FOH: (24x) EAW SB&KF 850s (w) DBX processor


FOH or Side Fills: {4x} EAW KF 400s


Assorted shure 57s 58s 58s betas, audio technical, sennheiser also stewart  adb-1 active direct boxes.   



Mic Stands:  Assorted  straight, goose necks, and boom stands.

Mixing Consoles


FOH: Allen & Heath GL 4 - 40 channel x 8 x 2 x 1  (system in stereo)        


FOH or Monitor: Allen & Heath GL 4- 32 channel x 10 separate mixes       


FOH: Mackie 1601 -16x4x2 channel          


FOH: Mackie 1601 -16x4x2 channel                    


Monitor: Allen & Heath SR series 24 x 8 separate mixes        


FOH or Monitor Allen & Heath 3300 series  32 x 8 x 2


B&B also has 2 Soundcraft Si Performer 3. It features 32 local recallable mic pre amps and 8 stereo inputs along with two ViSi Connect option card slots with an additional 128x96 input/output paths (one 64x64 expansion slot and another 64x32 expansion slot). 




FOH: (5 channel gates)


(2x) Alesis midi verb (stereo units)


(1x) Alesis micro verb (stereo)


(1x) Delta Digital Delay (stereo)


(8x) gate/comp/limiter Beringer composer stereo


(1x) Symetric 401 Line Leveler


(2x) (TC) M-1 - 2 engine Digital effects unit (stereo)


(2x) (TC) D-2 Digital Delay effects unit (stereo)


(2x) SPX Yamaha 990 reverb


FOH: (1x) 1/3 Clark Teck DL 630 and Rane GE 60s 


StereoMonitors: (5x) 1/3 Rane GE 60s (10 mixes)

Sound Cube

B&Bs Sound Cube is the answer to a variety of specialize applications. It is a spacious 8x 8 heated or air condition office on wheels. It has large sliding windows with a countertop large enough on both sides to hold your papers and a pot of coffee.


When coupled with a sound system, it may be used for a central announcement stand, first aid station, parade announcement booth, a registration stand and much more. Call B&B today to see how the Sound Cube might benefit your festival or event.  

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