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Church Lady Stage

A 20 x 24 open air stage, complete with canopy top, side stair access and 

5 x 8 wings. 

(Can also be used under certain size tents with no top)

AL Stage

A 18 x 26 stage designed for under tents or in the open with canopy roofing system. Can include a light truss if needed. 

Covered Stage

A 30' x 42' covered stage, complete with spacious sound wings, side stairs access, can come with up to 120K of lighting. (special order). 



A 20x 32  showmobile complete with 5x10 sound wings, stairs  access front, back. 


A 12'x16' to 16 x 20 portable stage comes with 1' or 3' legs. Great for church picnics, kids stage shows, weddings and bands.

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